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Things Making My Life Worth Living Right Now.

... Even Though it is 'That Time of the Month*' and i am Feeling Grue.

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Things In The Real World

Rosario Dawson's bubbies. More specifically, Rosario Dawson's bubbies in that dress whilst she plays motherfuckin' Persephone!

i totes love Persephone. Totes. She is one of my gods^^.

The actual Percy Jackson film i'm reserving judgement on. i have no respect for Chris Columbus as a director, the giant leap in ages (from 12 to 17) seems like an excuse to show some nubile flesh^^^, Hades is the villian (or, at least, is villian-ish) etc, etc, etc.

*Or 'Surfing the Crimson Tide' (as the Sib calls it), or 'Bright Red Moon Time' (as the Kap calls it when he's out of kidney-punching reach).

**See 'Wolverine' the Movie for details.

***i really liked it. Yeah, Gambit was kinda wank (and it breaks my heart to type that, it really does) but the rest i was more than happy with. And Ryan Reynolds was The Shit. On Toast. With Gravies. Hot Meaty Gravies.

^Mutant babies is the big issue (tiny gene pools are not your friend, just ask a cheetah) but if no-one's having any babies.
Well, then i still feel parent-child is the sign of some MASSIVE mental issues. Sibling-sibling is probably still a sign of issues, but, i dunno, less skeezy serious issues? i always think of that couple in Germany, who regularly go to prison but still want to be together. It's kinda romantic.

^^Religion-wise, i'm one of those dodgy neo-pagans everyone hates. The ones that go shopping for gods. Sorry.
(The current list reads: Persephone, ErisDiscordia, Hestia, Hephestus, Thoth, Mithras.)

^^^Not that i'm against nubile flesh or anything, but i kinda find staying true to character sexier.
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Little robins think they are Big Men

The Li'l Bro is under the mistaken impression he is a Real Cat.

Yeah, okay, he's a feline. With whiskers, and a tail, and a furry bum, and the like. But.

He also plays Fetch. And waits by the door for his Daddy to come in. And he lies in the most unglamorous of poses*. And whilst he is most valiant about protecting the family from monsters like: the Dreaded Christmas Tree, the Terrifying Fairy Lights and Uppity Pieces of String, he has been rather lax on the Guarding the Garden front.

Until the other day. When he appeared at the backdoor with a tiny, feathery present.

MM is now watching him like a hawk. She informed me this morning that robins were teasing him, unaware that Softy-Ptol: friend to man and beast alike, had been replaced by Nimro-Ptol: Mighty Hunter before the Lord.

i've not received the text missive to tell me it's all ended in tears. Yet.

*No Time Lord cat would ever do a thing like that.
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A Bastard Behind the Eyes

Ugh, yesterday i woke up (and went to sleep BOTH TIMES) with this wanker of a headache. i get them sometimes, on the left side - from just behind the eye to the back of my skull - and nothing will shift them for about 48hrs. So i pretty much wrote yesterday off as a bad job, and curled up on the sofa with a bad film.

The film was 'Dead Man on Campus', an MTV movie from sometime in the nineties. Fun, funny, very gay, kinda heart-warming, probably considered bad by 93% of the world's population. But i love it.*

Then OF COURSE i scoured the internet for slash fic.

DMoC is a teeny tiny fandom btw, so by the time The Kap had rolled in from the pub** i had read everything in it. YES EVERYTHING. i mean, don't get me wrong, there are some good people keeping the dream alive out there but... there aren't very many of them. [sad face]

Yes, i know, if there's nothing in a fandom it's my sacred fannish duty to produce more. And i'm trying, i really am. But fanfic from me is like Great Chthulu rising from his deathly sleep - unless the stars are right, or we're prodded with a big stick*** - it's only a dream which haunts the minds of men.

*Okay, my taste in films is APOCALYPTICALLY bad. The Kap bought me 'Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus' for Christmas and it wasn't a joke gift. i own 'Sky High' - it is my special i'm-vomiting-world-make-me-feel-better film. luthorbane still twitches at the mention of 'Boa vs Python' or 'Scanners II'. i LOVE crappy films. <3 <3 <3

**He is a bad man, but i love him anyway. Plus, i now have a massive free pass for like, the next month, because i have cleaned up his drunken vomit.

***The Big Stick(TM) is currently in the joint possession of vonquixote & harem_ent.

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So, there's some big(ish) fandom bruhaha over on metafandom (plus ca change?). Everyone is getting their anti-"privilege" knickers in a twist. Over slash this time (or m/m fiction if you prefer).

And some of it i understand; this article is nailing its particular colours to the mast so hard Jesus winced, and its colours are OMG SILLY WOMEN PRETEND TO BE MEN AND WRITE PORN ABOUT MEN. ITS LIKE THEY THINK THEY’RE PEOPLE. HAHAHAHA.
(YMMV, obvs.)

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Ha! i love getting to say type things like that.

Shortly after last weeks post, vonquixote was witness to an Epic Kitchen Meltdown and frog-marched me to the doctor. He is such a star.

After about an hour in the waiting room (Open Surgery Monday is a free-for-all of serious proportions) during which three people stared at me like i was fellating a baby mongoose (it's called "Knitting", people, it's not that rare) i saw a doctor. A different doctor than the one i saw at the beginning of the month*

This one seemed less scared of my epic genetic madness. He seemed, in fact, to relish the challenge. He looked a bit like a war horse scenting battle. We talked about counseling, insomnia, blood testing**. We changed the pills, i'm going back in a month. All ve exciting. And massively reassuring.

It's always better to talk to someone new about it.

The new pills, btw, are Mickey Finns. No word of a lie.

You have to take 'em in the evening and i did, and within half an hour my vision was blurring and ... zzzzzz.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...zzz ...

Next day i was good for nothing. Had a nap in the morning, followed by a nap in the afternoon, then a bit of a snooze before the main evening nap. They really aren't joking about the "Do Not Drive Or Operate Heavy Machinery" bit with these babies.

i'm still massively tired, and not entirely sure if "too tired and/or asleep to be sad" counts as a cure. Buuuuut, better than last week, so some moderate win.

*We moved. i changed docs. i've NEVER had to change docs. i don't even have a medical card or nuffin', 'cos i've always been at the same docs, argh! He was mousy (the new doc), and looked like a mouse in headlights after i disgorged my medical history (vis a vis: hi i'm mental with a history of mental and a family background of mental and giz me moar drugz, plz.) on to him. And it turned out he was only a locum, poor lamb.

** i was all "ZOMG" at this. Not in a bad way, just that i'd never had blood tests suggested to me before. It seemed all new and novel and.... nope, turns out everyone's had one (something to do with thyroids and the like). Everyone except me. Hmmm.