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Ha! i love getting to say type things like that.

Shortly after last weeks post, vonquixote was witness to an Epic Kitchen Meltdown and frog-marched me to the doctor. He is such a star.

After about an hour in the waiting room (Open Surgery Monday is a free-for-all of serious proportions) during which three people stared at me like i was fellating a baby mongoose (it's called "Knitting", people, it's not that rare) i saw a doctor. A different doctor than the one i saw at the beginning of the month*

This one seemed less scared of my epic genetic madness. He seemed, in fact, to relish the challenge. He looked a bit like a war horse scenting battle. We talked about counseling, insomnia, blood testing**. We changed the pills, i'm going back in a month. All ve exciting. And massively reassuring.

It's always better to talk to someone new about it.

The new pills, btw, are Mickey Finns. No word of a lie.

You have to take 'em in the evening and i did, and within half an hour my vision was blurring and ... zzzzzz.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...zzz ...

Next day i was good for nothing. Had a nap in the morning, followed by a nap in the afternoon, then a bit of a snooze before the main evening nap. They really aren't joking about the "Do Not Drive Or Operate Heavy Machinery" bit with these babies.

i'm still massively tired, and not entirely sure if "too tired and/or asleep to be sad" counts as a cure. Buuuuut, better than last week, so some moderate win.

*We moved. i changed docs. i've NEVER had to change docs. i don't even have a medical card or nuffin', 'cos i've always been at the same docs, argh! He was mousy (the new doc), and looked like a mouse in headlights after i disgorged my medical history (vis a vis: hi i'm mental with a history of mental and a family background of mental and giz me moar drugz, plz.) on to him. And it turned out he was only a locum, poor lamb.

** i was all "ZOMG" at this. Not in a bad way, just that i'd never had blood tests suggested to me before. It seemed all new and novel and.... nope, turns out everyone's had one (something to do with thyroids and the like). Everyone except me. Hmmm.
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