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So, there's some big(ish) fandom bruhaha over on metafandom (plus ca change?). Everyone is getting their anti-"privilege" knickers in a twist. Over slash this time (or m/m fiction if you prefer).

And some of it i understand; this article is nailing its particular colours to the mast so hard Jesus winced, and its colours are OMG SILLY WOMEN PRETEND TO BE MEN AND WRITE PORN ABOUT MEN. ITS LIKE THEY THINK THEY’RE PEOPLE. HAHAHAHA.
(YMMV, obvs.)

This guy gets (justifiably) mad that an article about gay men never metions any gay men. But then there is some mad knicker-twisting about this being a fandom-wide/female-wide thing. Umm. Not so much.

(More proof the article is talking out of its arse appears in both its comments and in comments to the above journal. There are plenty of actual gay guys writing gay romance/erotica. And one of the authors mentioned is not straight fem but "genderqueer, bisexual, and dominant"*)

(Also, the guy seems to have no appreciation for the misogyny that is so deeply entrenched in the publishing industry.** Male names $ell. Women don't write real books. This is why Harry Potter was written by J. K. Rowling rather than Joanne Rowling. Because boys won't read a book written by a girl, and girls don't read books about boys or wizards or... okay, it's actually getting painful to type this drivel.)

Yes, being asked to kiss your boyf for someone else’s holiday snaps is uncool. Yes, having your way of life treated like it's purely fictional is uncool. Yes, being a discriminated minority is uncool. And i'm glad that he's speaking up and pointing this out. Really. But, less pointing the finger of "privilege" blame this way, ay?

Mainly my beef is as thus:

On the one hand, what the hell is wrong with straight women liking m/m porn and/or romance fiction? Yes, it's just like les porn for mens. But, here's the shocker, there's nothing wrong with les porn for mens*** There's also nothing wrong with fantasy, and with that fantasy being only vaguely related to reality. PSA: Greek millionaires aren't all georgeous six-foot stallions with secret hearts of gold and a yen for the love of a good waitress^ Not all policemen wear chaps. A virgin's first time is hardly ever a magical life-affirming experience that makes them weep tears of golden joy (once again, YMMV).

You don't hear firemen complain about the unrealistic depictions of them on all those calenders (and even if they did, my response would be "yeah and?"^^)

Women in romance novels and porn (oh dear gods, in porn) have been wildly misrepresented for centuries. Why the hell do gay guys think they're gonna get the better end of the stick?

(Also, the commenters on that post all hang out in the wrong parts of Fandom. i actually got sick of fics depicting realistic gay relationships in Stargate SG1 fandom. DADT, gay-bashing, coming-out and staying-in the closet, blackmail, AIDS, subtle everyday discrimination etc.etc.etc. Jack and Daniel are the kings of that shit.)

On the other hand, STRAIGHT WOMEN? What am i, chopped bisexual liver? What's vonquixote, mostly straight^^^ beefsteak? What's my mate Josh, gay kidneys... okay, i'm stopping, i promise.

But the point stands, right. Most of the fem fans i "know"*^ identify as bi. See here for many annoyed lesbian slashers.

*Yes, genderqueer fem =/= gay masc. However, the guy seems to think that even a genderqueer fem is more "privileged" than a gay masc. And obviously knows nothing about men, homosexuality or prejudice. Obviously. AGAIN YMMV. But that was my reading.

**Best illustrated by this comment from the fail!article:
She uses the pen name "James Buchanan" because in the niche of the gay-romance novel, publishers see male writers as more authentic and, more importantly, so do readers.
It's an entirely hollow gesture to the genre's growing number of fans. They know Buchanan is a woman

So, if the readers know she's a woman...

***Except the quality, obvs. The Kap wishes to start porn company called Lovely, Lovely Lesbians where no one uses words like "bitch", "slut" or "whore". There is just lots of gentle, feminine lovemaking. And no penises.

^No, i don't own that one. harem_ent does.

^^or, if i knew them well: "suck it up, big boy" heh heh heh

^^^i keep trying. Also, he has an exceptions list and, like every het man i've ever been mates with, it grows longer the longer he knows me. BRA FTW!

*^like, on the internet an shit, so they could be lying [shrugs].

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