Hark (ashteth) wrote,

A Bastard Behind the Eyes

Ugh, yesterday i woke up (and went to sleep BOTH TIMES) with this wanker of a headache. i get them sometimes, on the left side - from just behind the eye to the back of my skull - and nothing will shift them for about 48hrs. So i pretty much wrote yesterday off as a bad job, and curled up on the sofa with a bad film.

The film was 'Dead Man on Campus', an MTV movie from sometime in the nineties. Fun, funny, very gay, kinda heart-warming, probably considered bad by 93% of the world's population. But i love it.*

Then OF COURSE i scoured the internet for slash fic.

DMoC is a teeny tiny fandom btw, so by the time The Kap had rolled in from the pub** i had read everything in it. YES EVERYTHING. i mean, don't get me wrong, there are some good people keeping the dream alive out there but... there aren't very many of them. [sad face]

Yes, i know, if there's nothing in a fandom it's my sacred fannish duty to produce more. And i'm trying, i really am. But fanfic from me is like Great Chthulu rising from his deathly sleep - unless the stars are right, or we're prodded with a big stick*** - it's only a dream which haunts the minds of men.

*Okay, my taste in films is APOCALYPTICALLY bad. The Kap bought me 'Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus' for Christmas and it wasn't a joke gift. i own 'Sky High' - it is my special i'm-vomiting-world-make-me-feel-better film. luthorbane still twitches at the mention of 'Boa vs Python' or 'Scanners II'. i LOVE crappy films. <3 <3 <3

**He is a bad man, but i love him anyway. Plus, i now have a massive free pass for like, the next month, because i have cleaned up his drunken vomit.

***The Big Stick(TM) is currently in the joint possession of vonquixote & harem_ent.

Tags: dead man on campus, drunken foolishness (not mine), films, heroic deeds, the kap, the sib

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