Hark (ashteth) wrote,

Little robins think they are Big Men

The Li'l Bro is under the mistaken impression he is a Real Cat.

Yeah, okay, he's a feline. With whiskers, and a tail, and a furry bum, and the like. But.

He also plays Fetch. And waits by the door for his Daddy to come in. And he lies in the most unglamorous of poses*. And whilst he is most valiant about protecting the family from monsters like: the Dreaded Christmas Tree, the Terrifying Fairy Lights and Uppity Pieces of String, he has been rather lax on the Guarding the Garden front.

Until the other day. When he appeared at the backdoor with a tiny, feathery present.

MM is now watching him like a hawk. She informed me this morning that robins were teasing him, unaware that Softy-Ptol: friend to man and beast alike, had been replaced by Nimro-Ptol: Mighty Hunter before the Lord.

i've not received the text missive to tell me it's all ended in tears. Yet.

*No Time Lord cat would ever do a thing like that.
Tags: my spies, the li'l bro

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