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A Shimmery Princess

Coming at You Fast, Like a Northern Bullet

30 May 1986
Friending Policy
i'm all kinds of easy. Feel free, but i'd love it if you gave me a heads up on who you are and how you found me. Like as not i'll friend you back, if i know who you are!

Cast of "Characters"

The Sib - a young Hellbeast. Also, a ninja-in-training.

The Kap - vonquixote - a Significant Other.

Humphrey - a Popple, and Constant Companion.

Li'l Bro - a mighty hunter before the lord. Also, a cat.

The Daddy - a man of much awesome, and possibly the reincarnation of - Pvt. Walker, from Dad's Army. Owns more shoes than me. Would own more shoes than me even if i were a Real Girl, with more than three pairs of shoes.

The MumMonster - not actually as scary as i make her out to be. More like me than i care to admit.

The Nini - mother of the MumMonster, and a cast-iron granny. Gentlewoman and procurer. Far more scary than i make out.

Mr. B - married to the MumMonster.

Mummy B - mother of Mr. B. Another cast-iron granny.

The Small Boy!Cousin - An evil genius in-the-making. And a Doctor Who fan.

The George and Jester and Frog - even smaller, and girlier, cousins (and also, the name of the pub i shall one day own).


Version: 1.1

K+++>£ E L&R Exp++ SPM+ Steel+(Pl) !Bam Yarn@

Stash++ Scale+(+) Fin(+) WIP++ Circ? DPN?

KIP+++ Blog ALT Cr+ X+ Em+ Sw++

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